Our company Channi Carpets and Textiles has been very conscious of the fact in taking social responsibilities in different form of activities.

Our company has been closely associated with Prayas an institution in Jaipur, India wherein the institute takes care for mentally retarded children. The institute imparts basic education and move onto computer eduction to make the children independent to make a decent living.

Our company also volunteers in community works and contributes towards institution providing free food.

We have also instituted measures to see that all the chemical soap solution after washing the carpet is not let loose in the open field which destroys flora of the area. The same has been channelized in a proper drain which is subsequently treated by a plant for reuse of water.

We do make efforts to pay yearly fees of students who cannot afford the same.

Besides all the above we do help our staff by providing financial assistance for making a house, higher education of children, medical treatment of elder member of the family etc.