Normal Maintenance

  • If something is spilled on the carpet soak the spilled partimmediately so that it does not seeps inside the carpet. The stain part should be absorbed and not rubbed as it might spread on the carpet.
  • In case the carpet has gone dirty use any liquid detergent / hair shampoo to wash the same. Soak the complete carpet in soap solution for half an hour and rub clean the whole carpet with gentle brush.
  • Please ensure the detergents is used are all cleared from the carpet. Use a swab / towel to remove the moisture and dry for short while in the sun with backside facing the sun. If nay issue use professional cleaners to take care and clean the carpet.
  • Use a gentle comb to set the pile / nap of the carpet.
  • Do not use force on the side edges as it might open up.


Wool Carpets

  • Use normal vacuum cleaner (notstrong) to keep the carpet clean.

Once cleaning the carpet use mild liquid soap / shampoo and normal water.

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the front side of the carpet dry with back side facing the sun.
  • Alternatively reputed professional cleaning is recommended once in 5 years depending on the dirt.


Silk Carpets

  • For keep the silk carpet soaked in water as this can harm the fibers.
  • Use mild liquid detergent / shampoo and water to wash the carpet.
  • In case of any doubt use reputed professional cleaners to take care of the silk fibers.

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